January 20, 2021

Instant certificate verification

CompEx launches new tool to instantly verify certificates


CompEx has launched a new, secure online tool to enable users to instantly check if their employees are certified for working in potentially hazardous environments.

The new and improved ‘Certificate Verification’ tool allows employers to securely verify if their staff are certified in real-time. This immediate response to verify if a certificate is current is not only convenient, but also ensures consistency by removing room for error of data entry.

The tool requires users to enter the correct certificate holder information to allow for an accurate instant response. The users must have a match against four pieces of data; certificate holder’s name and number, certification date and expiration date. Additionally, the tool also advises what modules a certificate holder is certified for, and gives warning if a certificate is expired, invalid or not found.

Huw Bement, director of CompEx, said: “Recruiting staff who have been validated for core competence is essential for organisations that work in potentially hazardous environments. However, timing is key, as a delay in verifying a certificate could mean that an employee does not have the required clearance to start work, which in turn could have a knock-on effect to an overall project – both financially and timing wise.

“We’re confident that our new ‘Certificate Verification’ tool will provide real added value and convenience for users. Instead of filling out forms and sending a copy of the certificate via email, as was previously required, the new tool will allow them to instantly and accurately verify if the certificate is valid”.

For more information about CompEx and to access the new certificate verification tool, visit

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