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Become a qualified CompEx instructor or assessor

CompEx instructors and assessors are integral to ensuring that CompEx instruction is of the highest quality and conforms to scheme guidance.  CompEx instruction and assessment helps to improve industry safety, whilst preparing candidates to achieve CompEx certification.

If you are passionate about training others in workplace safety and are invested in contributing to personal development across the industry, becoming a qualified CompEx instructor or assessor could be right for you.  Becoming a qualified CompEx instructor offers you the unique opportunity to make a real difference to the safety of others and gives valuable knowledge back to the industry.

Become an instructor or assessor

If you are interested in becoming a CompEx instructor or assessor, you can apply through an existing licensed CompEx training provider.  The application process consists of two stages.  For further information about the stages, please download the Become an instructor or assessor document.  

1. Application

2. Professional technical interview

Assessor application 

There are two routes of application to become a CompEx assessor dependent on applicant experience – standard or mentoring.  For details regarding assessor application and to view the assessor mentoring programme criteria, please see the Become an instructor or assessor document.  

Documents required by CompEx

To proceed to stage 2 of the instructor/assessor application process (professional technical interview), you must ensure that the following information has been supplied to your selected training provider.

  1. Two signed copies of the CompEx non-disclosure agreement (NDA) 
  2. A completed JTL923 CompEx instructor/assessor application form 
  3. A current CV with experience relating to hazardous areas and equipment protection concepts 
  4. A copy of photo ID (passport or driving licence)
  5. Two professional references

Key requirements

  • You must hold a current CompEx certificate in any qualifications on which you are providing instruction or assessment. 
  • You must have 5-years industry experience within hazardous area environments. 
  • You must hold a relevant trade qualification (see JTL 925 qualifications criteria). 
  • You must have working knowledge of the IEC / ISO 60079 Parts 14 and 17 Standards.
  • You must have working knowledge of the EEMUA 186 Practitioner’s Handbook. 
  • You must provide documented and approved evidence of in-centre mentoring (assessor only).

Register to become an instructor or assessor

Begin the process of becoming a fully licensed CompEx instructor or assessor.

National and international training providers 

The CompEx Scheme is operated by a network of independent licensed training providers. There are 55 CompEx training providers located in the UK and around the world, with some training providers offering some qualifications in various languages. Instructors and assessors can play a crucial role in joining this valuable network of global licensed centres by completing the CompEx application process.


Continued Professional Development

The training provider through which instructors or assessors submit their application should provide continual professional development throughout an instructor or assessor’s employment.  However, it is the responsibility of the individual instructor or assessor to ensure that their skills are maintained. Occupational competence should be updated on a regular basis and this is quality assured by CompEx during annual quality assessment visits.

Instructor and assessor application process


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