March 30, 2021

CompEx Certification Body Statement regarding Covid-19 Situation (26-04-21)

Published 17 March 2020
Updated 27 March, 13 May, 01 July & 18 September 2020
Updated 9 December 2020

Updated 30 March 2021

Last updated 26th April 2021 – 11:00


The CompEx certificate extension scheme ended on 31st March 2021.  However, CompEx certificate holders can check to see if they are eligible to apply for the Partial Assessment Programme if they are unable to access a CompEx training centre for recertification due to Covid-19.  Approved applicants that pass the Partial Assessment Programme exam will be awarded a Statement of Partial Assessment (SoPA) which is valid for twelve months from the initial assessment. 

 For more information on the Partial Assessment Programme, please see the FAQs.

Partial Assessment Programme

Following our previous announcements regarding certificate extensions, please note that we will be launching the new Partial Assessment Programme over the next few weeks (w/c 5th April 2021).

The Partial Assessment Programme is a new, temporary route for recertification.  This interim measure has been developed to better manage the recertification process during the on-going pandemic.  Further details will be uploaded to this website next week and more information sent out to training centres shortly.  Please check back soon.


Following the latest announcement by the UK Government, we are issuing further advice to employers and candidates regarding our Certificate Extension Process.

For employers with candidates where certificates have or are due to expire, our advice remains to conduct a risk assessment against the candidate’s competency to cover their obligations for utilising certificates beyond their expiry date and until a new certificate is obtained. We continue to recognise the exceptional circumstances that industry faces and consider that mitigation in this respect can normally be achieved by ensuring that a Refresher course has been formally booked with a CompEx training centre.

Internationally the outbreak is still at different stages. To that end, the CompEx Certification Body remains open and will continue to provide administration support to CompEx training centres, employers and candidates. We have also made provision to enable our team to continue to work from home. However, we would urge employers and candidates to contact their preferred training centre in the first instance. However, we recognise that some centres may still be shut and have limited capacity to respond to enquiries.


Certificate Extension Process

As previously noted, employers and candidates may find that they are not able to attend courses due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  This extension process applies to those candidates whose certificate is due to or has recently expired. The following situations may result in candidates being unable to attend a refresher course, or any re-sit assessments:

  • Government, local authorities or the candidate’s employer have imposed travel restrictions, self-isolation (“lockdown”), have cancelled all events or have closed all education establishments.
  • The candidate has been diagnosed with and is receiving treatment for Covid-19 or is in self-isolation.
  • Training centres are closed, have cancelled courses due to Covid-19 or have limited availability and capacity due to the implementation of social distancing measures.
  • A candidate’s previous travel history means that they have been refused entry to a CompEx training centre.

This Certificate Extension Process still applies to those certificates which have an expiry date from 17th March 2020 until 31st March 2021, or to those candidates who are due to re-sit any assessments. Given that most centres are now open or have immediate plans to open we expect candidates where possible to have made a course booking before their normal or previously extended certificate expiry date. The certificate extension process only applies to candidates who are able demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Certification Body that, for the reasons described above they have been unable to secure a course booking.


The Extension Period

If an extension is granted it will extend the expiry date by three months from the original expiry date. For example, an original expiry date of 3rd October will be extended to 3rd January 2020. Any future certification will start from the original expiry date, so there is no advantage in delaying your re-certification. This applies to any course where a certificate extension has previously been granted.


Application Process

Employers and self-sponsored candidates should write to with the following details:

  • Employer name, employer contact name, position and contact details
  • Full name of all candidates and CompEx certificate number(s), candidate contact details (telephone and email) along with certificate expiry date(s)
  • The name of your preferred CompEx training centre
  • Evidence (as appropriate) as to why you are unable to secure a course booking

By submitting a request for an extension, the employer or candidate is certifying that the reason is due to circumstances relating to the Covid-19 outbreak. All contact details that are shared with the CompEx Certification Body must be done so with the express permission of the individual concerned. Personal information will only be used for matters in relation to certification. Please refer to our data privacy policy for more information (


Time Period

The CompEx Certification Body will continue to monitor the situation. This Certification Extension Process will remain in place until further notice and will be reviewed monthly.

Please note that an extension is granted based on deferred assessment of competence and is subject to successful validation of competency before the extension expiry date. It remains the responsibility of employers and candidates to ensure that any CompEx courses or re-sits are booked and completed in a timely manner.



If you have urgent enquiries and are not able to get hold of your preferred CompEx training centre, please contact us by email on

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