April 22, 2021

CompEx provides safety assurance during Covid-19 with launch of a new assessment

CompEx is continuing to support training centres and practitioners during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with the introduction of the Partial Assessment Programme.

The Partial Assessment Programme, a temporary measure developed due to the on-going pandemic, enables certified practitioners unable to attend a CompEx training centre due to Covid-19 to apply for a Statement of Partial Assessment (SoPA). This in turn provides an employer with some assurance that an individual has maintained a level of core knowledge associated with safe working in explosive atmospheres.

To receive a SoPA, approved applicants for the Partial Assessment Programme must pass a timed, multiple-choice exam to demonstrate their knowledge of safe working in explosive atmospheres.  The short, open book online exam is invigilated remotely by the practitioner’s chosen training centre and consists of 32 questions answered over 50 minutes. The SoPA is then valid for twelve months from the date of the exam.

Huw Bement, director at CompEx, said: “We recognise that although some regions are seeing improvements, the global situation as a result of Covid-19 is different for each area and country. Local lockdowns and travel restrictions may therefore make it difficult for some practitioners to access training centres, stopping them from completing a full competency validation assessment. Although the SoPA doesn’t replace a CompEx certification, the Partial Assessment Programme has been introduced as a temporary measure to support training centres and practitioners requiring recertification during this difficult time.”

The Partial Assessment Programme applies to the full CompEx course (Ex01 – Ex04) and the shorter Refresher (Ex01R – Ex04R) course only. Only approved applicants that pass the Partial Assessment Programme exam and who have a valid CompEx certificate or certificate extension will be awarded a SoPA.

Certified practitioners can apply for the Partial Assessment Programme through their preferred CompEx training centre by completing the Partial Assessment Programme application form (JTL904 SoPA). For more information, visit

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