Centre case study: Partial Assessment Programme

We are continuing to support training centres and practitioners during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with the introduction of the Partial Assessment Programme. Assets Training & Technical Services Pte Ltd (ATTS), a CompEx registered centre in Singapore was our first centre to run the Partial Assessment Programme. We spoke to Genevieve Won, Operations Director at ATTS to find out more about their experience of our new programme.

Partial Assessment Programme

A temporary measure developed due to the on-going pandemic, the Partial Assessment Programme enables certified practitioners unable to attend a CompEx training centre due to Covid-19 to apply for a Statement of Partial Assessment (SoPA). This in turn provides an employer with some assurance that an individual has maintained a level of core knowledge associated with safe working in explosive atmospheres.

To receive a SoPA, approved applicants for the Partial Assessment Programme must pass a timed, multiple-choice exam to demonstrate their knowledge of safe working in explosive atmospheres.  The short, open book online exam is invigilated remotely by the practitioner’s chosen training centre and consists of 32 questions answered over 50 minutes. The SoPA is then valid for twelve months from the date of the exam.

The experience

Speaking about how the centre found the Partial Assessment Programme, Genevieve comments: “The Assessment Programme is really straight forward and is fantastic for providing an interim measure to support practitioners and training centres requiring recertification during the on-going pandemic. Additionally, it is a great benefit for those countries where a CompEx Centre is not available locally and COVID restrictions prevent travel.

“Initiatives like the Partial Assessment Programme are vital during challenging times such as the current pandemic as it’s important to ensure personnel within the sector continue to learn, as well as providing employers with the confidence that the individual has maintained the required level of core knowledge.”

For more information about the Partial Assessment Programme, please see the FAQs here or contact your preferred CompEx training centre.

                          ATTS, based in Singapore, was the first CompEx registered centre to run the Partial Assessment Programme.

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