CompEx Centre Spotlight – EPIT Group

For this Centre Spotlight, we hear from Martin Constable, operations director at EPIT Group, a specialist provider of training, assessment, and consultancy services for engineers working in hazardous environments. Established in Blackburn, Aberdeen in 2002, the EPIT Group centre is a leading provider of CompEx certification and competency training, with an international reach that encompasses Oman, Iraq and Nigeria. Offering a range of online and on-site training options, including E-Learning and Mobile Training Solutions, to a variety of electrical and mechanical personnel, EPIT Group offers not only industry-leading, technical expertise but a wealth of knowledge about how best to train and assess the industrial sector.


What are your most common types of customer/business?


At EPIT Group, we primarily work with electrical and mechanical engineers who operate within hazardous environments or processes. As such, the specialist services we cater to tend to be incredibly broad and includes everything from oil and gas or renewables to chemical distillation and water companies.


What are your most popular courses? Why do you think that these are popular?


Our most popular courses here at EPIT Group are undoubtedly our CompEx courses, as well as our modules on high and low voltage safe working practices and IET wiring regulations. Each course ensures that its practitioners meet the industry standards necessary to work with these hazardous processes, and each one delivers the highest quality training and assessment services – ultimately guaranteeing that every learner is accurately measured and validated.


Are there are any particular challenges in your region?


There are a high number of oil and gas related projects around where we are based in Scotland. Given the hazardous nature of these environments, there is a constant and very pressing need to maintain a highly skilled and competent workforce amongst these local oil and gas companies. Our proximity to these industries is definitely a strong factor behind the popularity of our CompEx courses.


What would you like to succeed in doing in the next year?


Our aim over this next year is to primarily increase delegate numbers throughout all our centres worldwide. With the pandemic gradually easing, we have a greater opportunity to provide in-person and on-site training to our delegates both at home and abroad, which will assist with increasing workforce competence and confidence. Secondly, we would like to see continued growth in the services we provide for the renewable sector. Given the rising interest in tackling climate change, it would be a positive move to tap into the increasing appetite for renewable energy and indeed help ensure that personnel who work within these sectors are well trained and assessed.


What do you think sets CompEx apart from other accreditation bodies?


CompEx is a leading provider of competency training and certification services, which guarantees not only consistently accurate competency assessments but ensures that each of its participants meet industry-recognised assessment standards.


Do you have any case studies that you can share with us?


We have two case studies currently linked to our main website page on ‘The Flammable and Explosive Dangers of Distilling’, which concerns our work with a highly reputable Gin distiller in Scotland, and on ‘Training through bespoke E-Learning Solutions’, which focuses on our work to support a large Oil and Gas client train and assess its workforce.




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